Pop Quiz: Do Quizzes Make For Effective Lead Magnets? (If You’re Still Reading The Answer is Obviously Yes!)

I’m the co-founder of Lead Quizzes. We’ve taken quizzes as a content form and lead acquisition tool and turned it into an automated platform that you can plug into your website and send traffic to.

Incoming traffic will then opt-in with their email to receive their result and you can then forward them on to another offer.

It’s a really simple process, but it’s incredibly powerful!

From a psychological perspective quizzes are attractive as a lead magnet. Attention spans are so short today that often times ebooks get downloaded but never read. With quizzes, you get immediate personalized feedback and it only takes you 2-3 minutes.

There’s a lot of value that can be created in that process and it can work to reveal your warmest leads earlier on.


The Different Styles of Quizzes And When To Utilize Them

There are different types of quizzes and some have higher conversion rates than others. One example is celebrity quizzes, where participants figure out which celebrity they represent. These can be very viral, but the lead quality isn’t always the best.

There are also IQ quizzes which can be used to educate about your product. Product quizzes help a participant filter themselves as a lead and determine what products are right for them. Similarly, a quiz like this can help to reveal what a lead’s biggest challenges are.

Thee product quizzes are great for segmentation. Diagnostic quizzes are for deeper dives into service packages and custom tailored solutions.

Not every quiz type is going to be right for your business, but the chances are one of them is a great fit.

We found it’s better to keep your quizzes shorter- around 8 to 10 questions. People don’t have 20 minutes to go through a long process, especially if you’re marketing to a general audience.

If you’re advertising on Facebook make sure you’re compliant with the marketplace rules and regulations.

That said the quiz still needs to be compelling if you want anyone to try it out. Copy and images matter a lot when it comes to conversions. Experiment with different headlines and see which works the best to procure traffic.

Your quizzes don’t need to be head-scratchers – we found simpler questions work the best. Don’t get overly complex, you want to lead your audience down several paths so you know what they’re looking for in a relationship with you and if you are a good fit for them.


Action Steps

  1. Build your quiz on LeadQuizzes.
  2. Determine your objective to decide on what type of quiz you should build.
  3. What type of lead segmentation do you need your quiz to perform for you? Build that into your model.
  4. Don’t overly complicate your quiz and make it 8-10 questions. It shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes.
  5. Follow up with an offer in your results email to anyone who completes your quiz.


Result You Will Achieve

An increased number of high quality leads captured from social media or your landing page.

Mentor: Jeremy Ellens

Co-founder at LeadQuizzes. He is an expert in internet marketing and lead generation and has grown LeadQuizzes from zero to more than $1,000,000 in just six months.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.