Email Will Withstand The Test Of Time

I’ve always been curious about computers, I’m a gamer and I’ve been involved with technology in some way my whole life.

I like to play around and see what unique things I can discover. I’m the kind of entrepreneur who’s looking for something fresh I can hop onto and bring to the market.

What I’ve realized over the years is that the online landscape does change over time.

Back in the day, Facebook didn’t exist and we had personal blogs. (I still have mine.) Building my email list over time is an asset I’ve developed that will stand the test of time as sites go in and out of fashion.

My list is so important to me because it’s how I can build and nurture that relationship with my audience.

I give value in the form of content, but when I do have a product or service to sell, my audience is ready to buy because they know, like, and trust me and what I have to say.

A lot of the younger generation thinks social is the end all be all but it’s just not true. I don’t want to give all that power over to another business. If you want someone to actually take an action, especially one involving money, that’s not happening in the newsfeed, it’s happening in the inbox.


What’s Next In Email

I’ve found that what’s coming next when it comes to connecting online is live video.

Periscope, Facebook Live, and Instagram Live are tools that we can use to drive incredibly high traffic to our lists like nothing before.

Live video is as close as we can get online to a face to face conversation.

There’s something about the human to human connection that you can’t beat when you can actually see someone’s face.

You can see their eye contact, body language, voice inflection, this is where the bulk of communication really takes place.

Video is a way to boost and streamline your nurture funnel and optimize the “know, like, and trust” factor with your audience.

Facebook is my favorite place to go live, due to their over 2 billion active accounts.

And while you can go live to Facebook natively using their desktop or mobile app, I’ve discovered a tool that allows me to create far more professional and engaging Facebook Live videos.

It’s called

Simply go to and login with your Facebook account. Just as with native Facebook Live, you can broadcast directly to your profile page, a business page, a group or an event.

The beauty of BeLive is the additional tools it provides broadcasters. You can have up to three guests on-screen with you at any time. You can share your screen to show and tell a website or images.

And you can display elegant lower thirds and viewer comments on-screen in a way that Facebook doesn’t do on its own.

You can do a Facebook Live using about any topic you want! Whatever area is your expertise, or what you’re passionate about.

At first, you may not have an audience, but if your content is interesting enough you’ll attract people to your stream.

Of course, you can also message your current audience via a Facebook post, a Tweet or email to come and follow your live stream.

What’s so powerful about this medium is making unique offers to people who join your feed. I like to give an offer for viewers to jump onto my email list in exchange for three of my books.

I also have a landing page set up to specifically grab these prospects and filter them onto my existing list.

I don’t wait until the end to make my offers, I let them know that it’s coming up soon and when to expect it.

For longer videos, I make my offers multiple times per video. I also allow for replays in case anyone misses it.


Action Steps

  1. Connect your Facebook account to and begin a live stream on a topic of your choice.
  2. Message your existing audience to join you on video.
  3. Make an offer to your viewers with a lead magnet to join your list.
  4. Deliver your offer multiple times on longer videos, and mention it at the top of the stream.
  5. Set up a special landing page to send these prospects to.


Result You Will Achieve

A bigger email list with a new channel for more opt-ins.

Mentor: Joel Comm

CEO of Joel Comm – best-selling author, keynote speaker & social influencer. New media marketing strategist & email marketing pioneer using email as a cornerstone of his many successful business ventures since 1995.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.