How I Became A LinkedIn Influencer

One day I got a random email and I ignored it. It sat in my inbox for a few weeks. I eventually looked at it again and did some research on what was being offered to me.  
The email invited me to the LinkedIn Influencer program. I saw some of the people they were inviting to the program and was impressed. From that, I started publishing in collaboration with the program.  
The Influencer program has allowed me to publish and share my content to the LinkedIn community giving me greater exposure. I loved it. Later they started the Pulse program and gave a publishing option to everyone on LinkedIn.  
When I started writing on LinkedIn I first tested it to see if it would be worth my time. I wrote a few blogs and then I observed how they did. I got results right away, and I was getting a crazy amount of engagement through the comments. To me, this cemented the value of publishing on LinkedIn.

Having A Goal – Adding To Your Email List

The most important thing to have on LinkedIn is a goal.

When I started publishing, the goal was adding subscribers to my email list. Email is an extremely important tool for any business owner to leverage. LinkedIn’s high engagement allowed for a steady stream of new readers to become subscribers.

I achieved great results and substantially increased the size of my list.

I’ll show you how to optimize your blog on LinkedIn for adding new email subscribers. I’ll also show you how to further develop your relationship with these new subscribers.

Setting Up Your Blog Post – The Call To Action

When you create a blog, place a call to action that invites your readers to become subscribers. In the call to action offer something “freemium,” like an e-book. This’ll give readers an incentive to join your list.

The call to action should promise your “freemium” incentive and expand on its benefit.

By giving an extra incentive readers will be more likely to opt-in to your list when they reach your website.

Place your call to action either on the top, middle, or end of your post. Experiment with each position and measure the responses you get. If you notice that people are not reading your blog because of the position, change it.

Test often to find the right position for your call to action.

Running An Email List

Once readers reach your website, have a double opt-in process implemented to make sure your readers understand what they’re signing up for. This’ll prevent readers from labelling your emails as spam. Once they receive their “freemium” gift, get them on a regular email content schedule.

Send out content once or twice a week to your subscribers. In addition, you’ll want to set up an email series so new subscribers can learn who you are, what you do, and what you offer on your website.

Introduce yourself and try to include new ways to engage. It is important you engage your list regularly. Try inviting list subscribers to a LinkedIn group you’ve set up to continually engage them.

In your emails leave a message like, “If you have any further questions please contact me.” This will show that you are accessible to your audience and that you actively want to support them.

Using email in conjunction with LinkedIn is powerful for relationship building. Initially, if you show value on your blog post and engage readers, they will convert to downloading your “freemium” gift and will join your list.  
Once they are on your list you can further engage them and develop a relationship through email. You then have new subscribers that are happy to be a part of your online community.

Action Steps

  1. Use LinkedIn to publish your posts. It tends to receive higher engagement levels when compared to other platforms.
  2. Select and test for the right call to action position in your blog. The best position will have the highest engagement.
  3. Offer a “freemium” gift in your call to action. This’ll incentivize readers to become subscribers.
  4. Have a double opt-in process ready for new subscribers to ensure trust when joining your email list.
  5. Send content to new subscribers at least once per week.
  6. Send a welcome email series that introduces you and your website offerings.


Result You Will Achieve

Convert LinkedIn Publishing blog readers into subscribers for your email list.

Mentor: Claire Diaz-Ortiz

LinkedIn Influencer of Claire Díaz-Ortiz. Claire is an author, speaker, and technology innovator who has been named one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.