I Really Don’t Like Working

I don’t know about you, but I’m not the biggest fan of working that hard.

I’ve figured out, using email, how to shorten my workdays down to one hour.

I could conceivably cut them down to 10 minutes a day if I wanted to.

Curious? It’s pretty simple.

I teach people how to do email and I write emails for businesses that I JV with.

Everything I do can be done by literally anyone.

One of my paid newsletter subscribers sells to rap artists. For a while, I didn’t think millennials would be “down” with email as much as other generations, but after seeing his success I was wrong.

I used to be a freelance copywriter until I saw another entrepreneur making millions a year just from their list. That’s what I wanted, so I set off to achieve it for myself.

Once I achieved it I began teaching others how I did it.

Don’t Sleep On Your Market

For people who know how to do it right, email is probably now more profitable than ever before.

A lot of people have shifted to social media and I think they’re making a mistake.

I recommend emailing daily, but I don’t recommend you take the extreme approaches of constantly pitching or just adding value.

What I do is that I speak about the problems that my target audience is dealing with and then I present my solution in the form of a product.

There’s no need to hard sell, you can have fun with it.

Most online marketers get lazy when it comes to market research. This is a huge mistake.

Instead, I go deep.

I find out everything I possibly can about my market.

I figure out what keeps them up at night and what’s their wildest dream.

There’s so much email fodder out there you just need to open up your eyes to it.

What you have to realize is that you actually don’t want everyone on your list. This is part of why I love being a daily emailer.

If you’re emailing every day correctly, you’re going to polarize people.

You might get a lot of unsubscribes, but you’ll probably also have great responses from the other half of your list.

The worst thing a prospect can be is lukewarm. You want to make them either hot or cold and as quickly as you can.

For the ones that stay, they’re going to buy.

If you’re interesting consistently then at some point you’re going to get them to cross the chasm with you.

As long as they’re interested then they’ll look forward to your communication. They’re in your world and that’s where the action is going to happen.

If you’re worried about opt-outs you’re playing to lose instead of playing to win.

If they’re not going to buy, why even have them on the list?

There’s always going to be new prospects out there to win over.

Action Steps

  1. Email daily and set up the expectation with your audience.
  2. Continue to be interesting in your emails with your subject, headlines, and copy.
  3. Do tons of market research so you know your target customer top to bottom. Use forums when you can.
  4. Be polarizing and let your audience know it’s ok to unsubscribe if it’s not a good fit.
  5. Be 100% with your remaining audience and provide long term value.


Result You Will Achieve

A list of active prospects who want to hear from you without mild lukewarm subscribers who never become customers.

Mentor: Ben Settle

Founder of Ben Settle. Ben is an email marketing specialist helping business owners double their incomes selling with email. Earns half a million dollars per year, working an average of an hour (or less) per day.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.