An Email A Day…

I’ve been running online businesses since 1999. (Yes, I know I’m that old.)

I’ve had tremendous success with sending out daily emails to my list all while still having a life.

I have four kids and I’m a baseball coach, so I have a full plate. Yet, I’m basically done with my workday at 3:30pm in the afternoon.

For me, being successful with online business means I can be present with my family. It’s not about having flashy toys or anything like that.  
My whole philosophy is around what’s that one big driver of your business and focusing on that first thing in the morning. Maybe for everyone it’s not email, but for me I like to write so email makes sense.

My business is really about building relationships, connecting, and serving people.

Too many people are obsessed with their funnels, growth hacking and the latest new apps. Blech! The reality is the relationship you have with that person on the other side of the screen is EVERYTHING!  
Email is still the best way to sell, hands down. When I see ads out there saying email is dead and something like Instagram is the new hot thing, what’s the first thing they ask for? My email.

That’s where they’re want to make the sale. It’s kind of funny when you think of it that way.

What’s great about email is that you own your list. All the other platforms, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, they can shut you down if they don’t like your content or change their service terms.

You can’t rely on them the way you can email.


For me I like to get up early in the morning. 5am! And I take a shower and head down to the coffee shop.

That’s my best environment. That’s where I feel the most creative, there’s something about the activity, the energy, the smell of the coffee it puts me in the zone.

I don’t check my email, no messages nothing. (Unless it’s the wife!) And I just sit and write.

I like my emails to have a point, there needs to be a CTA. It could be a coaching call, a live event, a webinar, anything.

Eventually, my email needs to get around to connecting into that point, but I don’t need to rush into trying to make a conversion.

It’s a conversation first.

I always start off with something personal. I talk about my family, what I’ve been up to lately, what’s happening in my world.

This shows I’m a real person just like everybody else, but it should relate to your brand.

For me it’s all about Freedym! So it makes sense for me to talk about the life I’m living. If you’re a triathlete it might make sense to tie it into your training regimen.

I always tell the truth, you can’t make stuff up. People will probably be able to tell and it won’t connect.

The next step is I launch into whatever I’m teaching. This is the value part of the email.

Finally, I get around to the CTA, but I mention it in a casual way. I don’t hammer my list day after day with an offer.

That’s short term thinking and can cannibalize your business. I educate, or inspire, or entertain. For me it’s very important that I’m helping my list live a better life.

When you do email the right way you stop communicating like a copywriter and you start speaking like a friend. People will vibe with it and there’s no need to push them with the hard sell.

Action Steps

  1. Go to the environment where you feel most creative.
  2. Consider the point of your email, what’s your end CTA.
  3. Start with something personal, but tie it into your brand.
  4. Give value but don’t hammer your list with hardsell offers.


Result You Will Achieve

Emails that naturally flow from an authentic and creative place that also provide a ton of value to the audience.

Mentor: Ryan Lee

Founder at FREEDYM, built three 7-figure and two 8-figure businesses. Ryan Lee has been online since 1999 and was called The World’s #1 Lifestyle Entrepreneur by

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.