Time matters

I do everything in my power to keep my life running at 100% effectiveness. I run a business coaching company with employees and I’m a single mom with two kids, so time matters!

In order to do that I’ve asked over 400 millionaires and billionaires in business about their habits to incorporate them into my own life and my clients.

I work with high-level clients and I typically charge upwards of over $1500 an hour to advise them, so listen up! This is valuable intel.


The Bombshell Advice You Might Not Like

Now for a bombshell, here’s the first piece of advice I give to everyone I work with.

Delete all the social media off your phone. Yup, I’ll wait while you pick your jaw up off the floor.  
I know this may be a tough pill to swallow, but it makes an incredible difference in your working life. This means no excuses.

I tell people to do this at my live events and maybe I get 1% or 2% of the audience to follow through right then and there. Those are the action takers that end up seeing results.

On your desktop, you can install the Newsfeed Eradicator plug-in which replaces your Facebook newsfeed with an inspirational quote. This is for when you need to use the website for business purposes but you don’t want to get distracted by anything your friends might have posted that day.

I like everyone to try this out for at least a week or two, but ideally for 30 days.

If you’re absolutely crawling up the walls without social media throughout the day then you can add it back in after the trial period is over. Everyone who tries this out has thanked me afterward.

No more podcasts just for fun

My next recommendation is to stop listening to podcasts and to stop reading articles, unless they are directly related to a project you’re working on in the next week. Next two weeks at most if it’s a big project.  
This way, what you are listening to or reading is highly relevant.

As far as entertainment podcasts go you can listen to these while you’re exercising or while you’re driving in the car.

But you also have to make sure you’re primed to take action on what you learn as soon as possible.

Otherwise you are wasting a lot of time or energy hoping you’ll remember that key piece of information “later” (when later may never come.)

Everyone has their favorite teachers when it comes to topics in digital marketing, so now that you’re on an information restricted diet it’s worth looking into whether your preferred voices have any content that’s related to your current focus.

By using this strategy it turns your podcast catalog into more of a search engine than just channel surfing as you’d do with a TV.

With my clients, I also make them go through a rigorous process of time auditing every single thing they do for an entire week.

I use Toggl.com so you can better record how much time you spend on different websites.

Once I’ve gathered a week’s worth of data I can analyze and make some targeted recommendations.

Why is this important? Because as entrepreneurs, we have to become skilled at managing our attention and opportunities. It’s impossible to focus deeply on everything at the same time whilst keeping out the noise.


Action Steps

  1. Delete Facebook and other social media apps from your phone for a trial period of 30 days.
  2. Use Newsfeed Eradicator to block your Facebook desktop newsfeed.
  3. Only read articles and listen to podcasts that are directly related to your focused projects.
  4. Use Toggl.com to track your daily actions for a week and then analyze how you spent your time. For smaller admin tasks – delegate, delete, or refocus that energy to high level tasks.


Result You Will Achieve

A deeper focus on the projects currently in front of you by cutting down distractions from social media, and excess information.

Mentor: Jaime Masters

Host of the popular Eventual Millionaire Podcast. Jaime Masters loves business and all things geeky. She works with online and off-line business owners & entrepreneurs for mastermind, group, and one-on-one private coaching to level up their businesses.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.