Category: Strategy

Joan Boluda

How I Started My Podcast Business & Grew To 600,000 Downloads

Jan 14, 2019

My Best Business Decision   Why? I was writing a blog for five years and within just three months of starting a podcast I had doubled my number of clients. It was huge! I’d always been a big fan of listening to podcasts, especially American podcasts, and I knew I

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Sophie Bujold

How To Make Meaningful Connections For Your Business Online

Nov 26, 2018

What Does Meaningful Connection Mean? What I want to talk to you about today may sound like it’s going against the grain of what we’re seeing in online communications these days. I want to talk to you about encouraging meaningful connections in your business online. What I mean by a

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Brennan Dunn

Web Personalization Strategy To Create Custom Conversion Funnels

Oct 03, 2018

Being Relevant Means Being Personal Everyone who is in the services business already understands the power of personalization.   It even affects what kind of small talk we have together!   As a business that services freelancers I realized that there are many different kinds of freelancers. Some are solo,

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