Email Done The Right Way

I think email really was the turning point for me in business. Learning how to build my audience and get people excited to buy from me has been a game changer.

I like to speak to my audience like they’re a personal friend of mine. List size doesn’t mean much compared to the relationship you can build.

At first, I didn’t understand why people said their email lists were digital gold. I had a list, but it wasn’t converting so it wasn’t really worth much!

The way you’re able to communicate with your list is where the money “actually” comes from. Using some shady tactic to build up your list is just going to burn you in the end.

Writing my emails in a personal manner has really helped keep me relatable to my list over the years. The other strategy I’ve built into how I email is to email on a daily basis. This really lands me smack dab in the middle of their lives, which goes along with the idea of communicating with a friend.

A lot of people ask me how do I come up with an idea for an email every day. I have some tricks I use that keep me creative and my emails valuable.

I usually like to come up with a ridiculous premise and then see if I can tie it back to the topic of my email in some way.

That’s my style I like to throw myself into a challenge and then have to write my way out of it. I think that forces me to be more creative and results in one-of-a-kind emails that really grab the audience.

Subject lines that get your emails opened

It’s emails like these that also lend themselves to subject lines that provoke a reaction and earn that open from a crowded inbox.

When I make a promise with a subject line I always make sure to pay it off directly in the email.

Here are some tools I use if I’m stuck:

Go to forums! This is an easy go-to if you’re struggling to find an interesting angle to your email.

Check out what the most popular post and the odds are you have a winning subject line right there, or at least enough to go on. It’s that easy! You can do that for all the forums in your niche.

There’s no reason to fight what’s already working with your market!

To get a little more creative, I’ll go to This is a website that will take two unrelated headlines and smash them together!

This creates some really unique subject lines that you can play with and make something that fits your needs.

These are just a couple ways to do something off the beaten path with your headlines that’ll stand out to your list.


Action Steps

  1. Pick a ridiculous premise and then try to tie it back into your niche or offer.
  2. Use forums to mine headlines based on the most popular posts.
  3. Go to to make novel headline combinations.
  4. Always adapt headlines to suit your purposes.


Result You Will Achieve

Email subject lines that are eye-catching and get your list opening at higher rates.

Mentor: Nick Quick

Marketing Expert of Email Marketing Done. Nick Quick is a copywriter and email marketing strategy expert who know how to write converting emails, for himself as well as for his clients. With his method, you will be generating leads that not only will buy, they will stay on your list.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.