Tools Rule

I couldn’t run my business the way I do these days without using tools to automate and scale my processes.

When I started out 10 years ago it was super difficult to automate anything without having some programming knowledge, and I pretty much had none! Now it’s a lot easier to work with a marketing automation platform like Infusionsoft. Yes, there’s still somewhat of a learning curve but overall things have become much more accessible.

Right now I have 55 different tools that I use to enhance my marketing automation! For me, automating different aspects of my business allows me to leverage my time better and to focus on the bigger picture issues.

I’m very selective with the tools I choose to bring into my business and providing excellent customer service is one of my top values. My favorite tools are the ones that are easy to use and help me provide that warm and fuzzy customer service feeling on a larger scale.

I was having a problem where the refund rate on some of my products was really high, in some cases 20 to 30%! After investigating what was going on here I realized that a lot of the purchases weren’t being onboarded properly and that was causing them to forget about the product entirely, ultimately leading them to ask for a fund when they reviewed their bank statements.

At first, I thought it was maybe the platform, but it turned out it didn’t matter what platform I was using, it was all in how supported I could make my customers feel.

Instead of them just showing up to my programs cold I could now follow up with them and remind them of what the immediate next steps were. All these little things added up to making my customers feel great about their purchasing decision with me. Buyer’s remorse, see ya later!

I brought in a few amazing tools that have helped drop our refund rates back down to the 1-2% range. Here is one of them.

Automating Voicemails

One tool I love is called Slybroadcast. What it does is allows you to send pre-recorded voicemails to a list of phone numbers and then it sends that message straight to their voice mailbox.

Slybroadcast dials their number but it doesn’t actually ring on their side, and what I send out is just a simple “Welcome” message. I have this set up to go out within 30 minutes of purchase. It shows up on their phone as a missed call which is always intriguing! The message honestly does a lot to make new clients feel good about their decision.

If I was having someone manually make the call it’d cost me a fortune in hourly costs and they just wouldn’t be as efficient as the automated system. Now I have my warm and fuzzy message but I can execute it at scale to serve my entire client list.

After the voicemail, any follow-ups I direct over to our email where we can continue the conversation.


Action Steps

  1. Use a tool like Slybroadcast to upload new contacts via CSV.
  2. Record a ‘Welcome message’ to clients when they join your program or community, remember to give them the “warm and fuzzy” feeling.
  3. Give them the next steps they’ll need to follow to get fully involved in working with you.
  4. Let them know they can follow up on email if they need any additional support.


Result You Will Achieve

Reduce your refund rate and provide great customer service during the onboarding process for your clients.

Mentor: Trevor Turnbull

CEO at Linked Into Leads & Founder at 30 Day Sales Machine, 20,000 email subscribers, 600+ members, $500,000+ revenue.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.