What Convinces People To Purchase A Product?

What do you think often prevents people from buying a product? I have two answers. Unanswered questions and lack of clarity in the messaging.

If your messaging is not airtight, people will be less likely to buy your product. Sometimes people have concerns that may not be answered in our messaging. So what do they do?

They could write us an email. Sure. Unfortunately, not many people would drop everything and write out an entire email.

It is a lot of time to dedicate to a product they may not want to buy anyway. So how do we prevent situations like this? Especially, when we do not have the time to change our messaging for the entire product on the drop of a hat.

The answer is Live Chat.

Implementing Live Chat is a great way to not only “fill in blanks” for customers who are not confident about making a purchase, but also can be a passive tool for gaining valuable customer insights and business intelligence.  

An Ode To Live Chat

Live Chat can become the new “hotline” for your customers by being an instantly accessible direct line of communication with your business. If your messaging is not answering your prospects concerns, then your Live Chat team can raise that customer’s confidence by being available to answer their questions.

This can win you back otherwise lost money.

As a passive tool, Live Chat can be a resource for people who are interested in asking genuine questions about your product that aren’t being answered anywhere else.

For instance what if a customer asks if a certain feature is available on your product.

The conversation leads to the creation of a possible business opportunity. This could be great information to improve your product down the line as well.

I will show you two places where you can easily implement Live Chat in your business today.  


Add Live Chat To Your Webpage

Having Live Chat on your own web page is a great way to learn your customers grievances and concerns.

Customers will speak in a honest way on Live Chat much like a face to face conversation.

Passively, you will get great insight into areas where your messaging is not convincing your customers to convert.

It also shows you the ways you will need to improve your product for future launches. By implementing Live Chat on your webpage you are adding a tool that can grab intelligence from your customers and help you build better products down the line.  
Make sure you implement Live Chat in the following areas: your homepage, your sales page, and other pages of your website that may provoke customer questions. You want Live Chat to be as accessible as possible.

The more pages you put it on the better.

Mention Live Chat in Your Email Series To Increase Conversions

We also mention the fact that the team is available via Live Chat within the email series.

Let’s assume your product launch email series is a week long, on the last few days of your email series include a note that tells customers: “If you have any questions, our team is ready to answer any questions you have over on the sales page (and include another link to the sales page here).” This is a great technique to bring hesitant customers onto your sales page.

Simple right?

Make sure your customer support team is ready to assist your customers.

Instruct your team that their goal is to raise customer confidence by answering prospect’s questions and concerns.

This should save prospects that are on the borderline of converting.

By implementing Live Chat you introduce a direct line of communication between you and your customer that will allow you to gain more information about them and help you increase conversions at launch.

Action Steps

  1. Set up live chat on your website pages including your sales and checkout pages.
  2. Mention in your launch emails that your team is ready and available to answer any questions you have on live chat.
  3. Have your customer service team ready to fill in the gaps of knowledge so your customers are ready to buy.


Result You Will Achieve

A direct line of communication between you and your customers that will bolster their confidence in buying from your launch.

Mentor: Todd Herman

Creator of The 90 Day Year. Todd has 4 consecutive multi-million dollar launches.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.