Getting Mileage Out Of Your Video

I run a website called and my goal with it is to give people training in digital marketing.

There are so many tools available these days and video has become one of the hot topics. I try to simplify everything I teach down into smaller problems that can be managed one at a time.  
A lot of people think video is really complicated, but that actually isn’t true.

When you take the time to do it right you can get a lot of mileage out of the content you produce.

Let’s say it takes you 4 hours to shoot a high-quality video, edit it, and then upload it. At that point, you’re probably burnt out and need a break! Now, what if after all the work your video isn’t even being viewed?  
That’s a real punch in the gut after all the work you put in up front!

Fortunately, I’ve developed a strategy that allows me to create a boatload of content from each and every single video I produce.

I do this by repurposing my content.

I break up my videos into bite-sized pieces and integrate them into other kinds of content I’m working on.

Most of the time you’re presenting content to different audience segments and it’s going to be the first time they’re getting a chance to see it.

Video works great for repurposing because it’s based on a script and it’s easy to identify at which points to create a segment that you can then repurpose.  
Video also breaks back down into its components, text, and audio, which can be used to get the same content across in other mediums.

For example, if I’ve created a 5-minute video and it’s completely finished I’ll post it up on YouTube or Vimeo.

By doing that I’m tapping into an audience that’s already built into the channel, as well as additional viewers who will find it as a recommended video in the search bar.

Perhaps they’re searching for a particular keyword that I’m listed for and they’ll find my video through that.

After this, I post the video so it will be indexed on Google as well.

What else can I do to get this content out there?

One easy thing I can do is create a corresponding blog post to go along with the video.

If you already have an audience on your website you’re exposing them to new video content and for the audience already on YouTube you’re now exposing them to the blog.

Depending on what’s in the video you can drive the traffic wherever you want it to go.

Another technique I’ll use is to create action guides.

These are PDFs that provide a step by step checklist to accomplish a task. These action guides could simply be the content of the video but in a written out format.

Attach your action guide to another piece of content and allow people to download it as a PDF.

This way anybody can take in the content on a variety of platforms when it’s convenient for them.

This can also work as a lead magnet on your site opt-in.

There are a lot of options so give some of these a try.


Action Steps

  1. Post your video online to platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, and Google.
  2. Additionally post your video to your website with a corresponding blog.
  3. Turn your video content into a PDF action guide that can be downloaded from your site.
  4. Package your video content as part of a lead magnet on your site opt-in.


Result You Will Achieve

A lot more mileage out of your video content by repurposing it into blogs, PDFs, and lead magnets.

Mentor: Christian Karasiewicz

Founder & CEO at Social Chefs. Christian Karasiewicz leverages his knowledge in video marketing and SEO to help business owners consistently build quality traffic and leads to their website.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.