Productivity To Win Back 1 Hour A Day

Productivity is all about winning back 1 hour in your day. When you save an hour of work you not only save time for your business, but you also save time for things you want to do!

Do you have anything you wish you had more time for? Spending time with your kids, hiking, or whatever you love to do. Productivity is about making sure you get that personal time you need.

What I focus on within productivity is systems. Anything you do that you repeat as a task can have a system applied to it. I am going to show you some systems that you can implement right now to improve your business and win back that hour.

Implementing systems in your business can really save you time, but where to begin? Let’s take a step back and look at your business.  
Here is my quick process for developing systems. Ask yourself, are there tasks that you get stuck doing that you repeat often? Use this little exercise: If you have to do it at least 2 times, then you need a system, if you do it more than 3 times then it should be automated.

Systems are a way of doing things, while implementing automation is about making the system run itself. So let me show you a few systems to get you going.

Follow ups

You can use a program like FullContact to store all your business contacts. You can then institute my 24/7/30 follow up method using this program. I use this process on all my sales follow ups.

First, 24 hours after my initial contact I will add my contact on social media. Then, a week later I will have a meeting with them. 30 days after that I will follow up. This is the process I use for my follow ups and it can help you too.

Setting Up Appointments

I use a program called to systemize my appointments. Using an automated service for setting up appointments can save you unnecessary back and forth between you and those you are contacting. Not to mention it can save you some sales.

50 – 10 Sprint System

This system is for your to do list and can help you complete tasks that you need to accomplish but are having a hard time getting going with.

Here’s how it works, take your next top task and devote 50 minutes of an hour to working on it and then take a 10 minute break for the last part of the hour. This allows you to get that 50 minutes of laser focus on a project and then rewards you with a 10 minute break to get you ready for the next round of work. Cool right! It’s pretty simple stuff, but it works.

If you use these 3 processes you should already be on your way to winning back that 1 hour of your time. Remember that systems are a way of doing things better, so get creative.

Action Steps

  1. List your repeated business tasks, systemize tasks you do more than 2x, automate anything you do 3x or more.
  2. Use the 24/7/30 system to reach out and follow up with new contacts.
  3. Start setting appointments with an automated software program, upload your contacts first.
  4. Cut down on procrastination and wasted time by working with 50 / 10 sprints throughout your day.


Result You Will Get

More time for yourself and your personal life and less time and energy spent on easily automated repetitive tasks.

Mentor: Nancy Gaines

Founder/CEO at Gain Advantages, Inc., where she guides her clients how to systemize their business in 90 days so it runs itself. Nancy is a Business Productivity Expert who has been advising Fortune 100 companies how to increase revenues through proven systems for almost two decades.

This article is based on an EHQ interview with the mentor.