How I Stay Focused At Work & 4x My Productivity With Music

Time To Restore Your Attention I’m very interested in helping people do things better. I started out in the music business as a songwriter and have had a hand in some hit songs. What I’ve learned is that music really helps us feel better. Even sad music can help us

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Will A Free Or Paid Trial Work For My Membership?

Terrible Idea or a Gold Mine of Potential Clients? Some say absolutely not to either. They claim it devalues your product, could hurt your reputation and generates bad leads. Others claim that it works wonders to get people in the door that might not have done so otherwise. I’m one

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How Daily Blogging Affected My Business & Built My Email List

What I’ve Learned Blogging Daily I’m a lifelong entrepreneur, I’ve sold everything from Pokemon cards to fireworks. Eventually, I decided to get more serious and launch a clothing line, and I was able to get some experience running larger marketing campaigns. Now I help people build their businesses using email

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James Schramko

My Membership Model Profit Formula To Make More & Work Less

Retained Business Is The Best Business I have an entire profit formula that can really help your business. There are a couple of areas that are really worth focusing on and for me, I’ve decided to focus on the frequency of purchase. In the context of a membership site, this

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Paul Sokol

My Best Follow Up Emails To Clients For More Sales & Referrals

Positioning Is Everything I feel like working at InfusionSoft has been my own Ph.D. program in small business marketing. I’m not just running my own business, I’m also seeing data from across hundreds of businesses and helping entrepreneurs become more successful themselves. I always try to keep my solutions simple,

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Lead Nurture Campaign Best Practices To Drive 2x Sales

Lead Nurture Isn’t Organic   However, what I’ve always been able to lean on is the engagement of my audience. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with hundreds of small businesses to help set up automation and streamline their processes. Each of my clients are a unique case study, and

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Steve Rayson

Why BuzzSumo Prefers Long Form Content & How It Works

Marketers Ruin Everything Everyone’s into content marketing these days! No matter what content you’re into there’s articles out there for it. As long as something is popular there’s going to be a horde of marketers working to oversaturate the niche with content. If you want people to pay attention to

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