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My Video Testimonial Tips To Be 10x More Credible

You Heard It Here First, Video Testimonials Are The Best I first came to online video from the broadcasting world. After I got my degree, I worked for all the major channels out of the UK including some international productions. Then when I moved to Canada I shifted into content

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Alex Tooby

Instagram Hashtags Search Method To Attract Dedicated Followers

A Tale Of Men And Coffee I’m the creator of the popular Instagram account @menandcoffee. When I first started out I wasn’t well known on the platform. After growing my channel to over 350k followers I began coaching other business owners how to improve their own results on Instagram. Instagram

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Mark White

LinkedIn Connections Explained For Targeting New Clients

“Working” LinkedIn Like A “Big Room” LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful tool for small businesses. It can give you power and access to people you would normally never have a way to get in touch with. Using LinkedIn’s search you have 500 million people to filter through in order to

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Ajay Prasad

Developing An Ideal Customer Profile For A New Product

Letting Go Of Customers I always tell entrepreneurs to first identify their ideal customers. In my business running a reputation management platform, I first wanted to offer my services to every company out there. This was a big misstep. This then became the group of people that I wanted to

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Liam Austin

3 SEO Tips To Higher Google Rankings For Small Business

Trying to figure out where to start with improving your search rankings can be difficult. I know, because I’m working on mine as I’m writing this. There are so many things you could add, improve, and pay for in order to hopefully jump up towards the holy grail that is

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Steve Larsen

Creating An Irresistible Offer That No One Can Refuse

The Tech Is Taken Care Of I’ve built over 400 funnels in the last several years working with ClickFunnels.   For me, I’ve seen offer creation as one of the keys to having a great funnel. I’d say if I had to pick one tool to have in the toolbox

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