Travis Ketchum

Best Contest Prizes Ever To Generate More Sales

Contesting The Conventional Contest After I graduated college I got my first job working for a digital education company. However, cubicle life wasn’t for me and I soon went off on my own to work with clients. I was helping them build funnels and buy ads, I had traded my

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Mike Morrison

How To Welcome New Members With A 5 Step Onboarding Process

Have you ever met a meta-membership site? I run a membership site for entrepreneurs who run membership sites. Yes, it’s very meta, thank you. It’s given me a ton of insight into the industry and how to effectively run a membership site that has great retention numbers. What I’ve realized

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Andrew Thorn

How To Get Better Search Rankings With Schema Markup

An Introduction To Schemas Hi everyone, I’m Andrew Thorn and I want to talk to you today about an exciting new marketing concept known as Schemas. Schemas are a way to markup the content on your website that allows your site to communicate with Google. Schemas tell Google that you

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Kamila Gornia

5 Ways To Grow A Stronger Connection With Your Audience

Taking Off The “Mask” In Business They want to have an impact on the world and I support their approach to business. In my previous businesses, I felt the same way. I wanted to be excited and express myself through the business. When I can help entrepreneurs find what excites

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Justin Teoh

Selling High Ticket Using Videos (Even As A Beginner!)

I Started As An Adwords Outlaw… In 2010 I was marketing on Google Adwords and my account got banned for promoting a Network Marketing client! Immediately, I started getting website conversions and I was off to the races. A friend of my mine hired me to repeat my results with

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Jon Buchan

The Drunk Cold Email Success Story (This Works!)

The Drunk Cold Email That Changed My Life I used to work for digital marketing agencies. After 5 or so years, I decided to start my own agency. It went well for a year. Then, all my word of mouth leads dried up. I didn’t know how to open leads

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