Justin Brooke

Launch From The Affiliates Perspective

Making A Small List Perform Like A Large One As a launch manager and an affiliate I’ve been behind the scenes on too many launches to remember. I want to share this perspective with you today because it may uncover a lot of insight into your own launches. What’s important

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Mike Killen

How To Optimize Your “Thank You” Page

Simple changes When I am working I often look for places in my funnel where I can make things better and come up with new processes. I have been doing this for years, and I get excited just talking about it. One day I noticed one thing in particular, I

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Joe Rizzo

Finding Your USP And Growing Past Your Bottlenecks

What Makes You Different? I like to ask my clients what makes them different, and why they got into business.   All they have over their competition is a lower price and it becomes a race to the bottom. This can destroy an entire market and I know we’d all

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Todd Brown

How To Increase Sales Using One BIG Marketing IDEA

The Problem With Traditional Marketing Copy   A guiding idea. A BIG IDEA. What do I mean by a Big Idea? I mean an idea that guides your messaging. Without it, your messaging will simply be ineffective.   If copy does not have a big idea, it will appear as

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Matt Barrie

How To Run Your Business Better By Hiring And Delegating

Hiring Great People And Delegating One of the biggest challenges small business owners face is how to take their business to the next level given a limited set of resources. There’s no way to do this in today’s world without the most important resource – people. Hiring great people is

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Stu McLaren

The “Big Rocks” Of Growing A Membership Site

I have been fortunate to work with membership sites of every size from sites with hundreds of members to the tens of thousands. What I’ve learned from working all over the industry is that there is no one tactic or strategy that makes a great membership site, but rather it’s

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Kevin Kuster

Creating A Community That Loves Your Brand

How The JJ Community Found Its Voice I want to talk to you about two things today, “Community” and “Brand”. I’ll show you how the two can work together in an incredible way for you on Instagram. When I started getting involved with my business partner Josh Johnson and the

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