Greg Mercer

Increase Your Reach With Influencer Partnerships

Leveraging The Right Audience I went to Auburn University to become a civil engineer, but engineering wasn’t a good fit. I wanted to run my own business so I started selling products on Amazon. It was going well so I wanted to find other products to sell and that’s how

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Gabor Koncz

5 Steps To Turn Leads To Customers More Consistently And Profitably

Qualifying Leads And Saas Retention My SaaS company Automizy helps companies with lead gen, free trials, signups, and onboarding procedures by automating their processes. SaaS companies often struggle with sales and marketing, and that’s where we come in. I want to talk to you today about your funnel strategy and

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Manoj Govindan

Advisory Board For Startups: A Must-Have To Avoid Common Pitfalls

Engineering Business, Case By Case I’m an engineer, by background, so at the core I’m inspired by helping people build new things. Even though I now work primarily with large bankers I still haven’t given up my engineering mindset. Working with large investors and vendors of technology I’ve seen up

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Jean L. Serio

How I Mine Groups On LinkedIn For Targeted Leads

LinkedIn, The Hidden Goldmine I’ve been on LinkedIn for about 10 years. When I first began, the platform was a lot smaller than it is now. There were no extra features, and they hadn’t even allowed for LinkedIn groups just yet. If you had a photo of yourself on your

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